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Tejas Air & Heat will promote pride and provide affordable, efficient services to our customers in a caring and respectful manner. We will treat each client with great value; as if a member of our family -- Fast, Friendly, and Fair -- the Tejas way!


Tejas believes in treating its customers as we would Mom & Dad. We wish to provide assistance to those in their time of need, and will do so in the most efficient, expeditious and affordable way possible. We will spread good will -- the Tejas way!


To enlighten everyone to energy efficiency. Modern techniques and technology have combined to create unique opportunities to realize many beneficial advances in our field of expertise. We strive to spread good will through good work, and remain enviro-friendly and steadfast in our promotion of a clean environment -- the Tejas way!


Through attentive and careful service we will strive to prove that we value all clients equally. We will spread good will through this commitment and continue to grow with each and every customer -- the Tejas way!


Tejas Air & Heat is a corporation whose greatest concern is providing efficient and effective service to its clients. Tejas places great value on each and every customer that we service and welcomes every opportunity to perform each job to complete satisfaction.

We are a multi-faceted business with intense integrity developed from years of experience evolved through several diverse business fields - the oil drilling industry, the armed services (USMC), and business administration.

Our goal is to utilize all of the abilities within our corporation to satisfy each and every need of clients. Our motto is: Fast - Friendly - Fair. Every single client will enjoy our help and hospitality whole-heartedly and equally. No exceptions! We cherish each client as family and friends; even our name is representative of that belief - Tejas means those who are friends.

Our goal is to provide work at a fair price with a friendly attitude. We have weekly corporate/safety meetings to stay in tune with the ever-changing needs of our customers. We are client-based and depend upon your good will to provide us the opportunity to prove our worthiness. There is no such word as "can't" in our corporation. We will work until you are worry free!